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Updated: May 2

I've been blogging for well over a decade now and I have loved every minute of it. It's an area I specialise in as well as helping others design and build their own blogs.

The world of blogging is highly competitive but the barriers to entry are very low. Site builders are common place and blogs can be built for a relatively low cost.

Here are my top recommendations for blogging platforms you should at the very least consider if you're looking at creating a blog.

By the end of this article you will know which platform you should be using and well on your way to creating an awesome blog.

How To Create a Money Making Blog

1. Wix - Top choice for beginners and low budgets

Wix is an extremely easy to use and free to get started.

You can get started at Wix's drag and drop functionality makes it incredibly easy to customise. The free plan gives you your own subdomain, with the option to upgrade to get faster hosting and ecommerce functionality.

The great thing about Wix is that you get everything all in one platform, with something like WordPress, you're more than likely going to be dealing with hosting providers like Bluehost.

It doesn't contain the extensive library of plugins and templates that would be available on WordPress. But what it lacks in functionality it makes up for through ease of use.

Adding elements is as easy as clicking the + icon and dragging elements onto the canvas.

Wix has a huge selection of templates available for first time users that allow you to create a professional looking site with minimal experience and no coding necessary.

Wix allows you to select one of thousands or templates or is able to select on for you with Wix's Artificial Design Intelligence.

Simply answer a few questions using the ADI and Wix will select a template that matches your needs.

The result is a a responsive and well designed website that compares to some of the best blog on the internet.

Wix has an extensive suite of tools available to use, allowing for in depth customisation and user engagement:

  • Marketing & SEO tools

  • Visitor Analytics

  • Social Media Tools

  • Custom Price Plans

  • Automations

  • Email Marketing

One of the main reasons to choose Wix is that it's free. Allowing you to design and host a website without spending any money at all. This makes it perfect if you just want to try it out before actually committing in the long term.

The only downside, if you can call it a downside, is that your websites will display ads to Wix until you upgrade you plan. You also not able to act as an ecommerce site until you upgrade to one of the ecommerce plans.

Wix offers plans from as little as a few dollars a month and most of the plans come it at very reasonable prices, although you should probably wait for one of the regular discounts.

If you're looking for an easy to use solution then Wix is definitely the site for you.

2. WordPress - Best Overall Solution

If Wix isn't the platform for you WordPress is going to be your next best solution.

It's the most popular blogging platform in the world and has a wide range of functionality.

Setting Up WordPress

If you're looking at starting you're own WordPress website you're going to need some hosting. For this I would highly recommend SiteGround. SiteGround offer premium WordPress hosting at the low cost of $3.99 / Month.

Once you've set up your SiteGround account and domain. Sign in to your WordPress account by going to [your_domain]/wp-admin. Alternatively login to your SiteGround account login from there.

Choosing Your Theme

WordPress comes with a multitude of different themes, there's guaranteed to be something there for everyone. Blogging, ecommerce, portfolio. You name it they have it.

Some well rounded themes include Astra, Hello Elementor, Ocean WP and Sparkling.

It's very hard to pick one specific to your situation since everyone has different needs and criteria.

Finding a theme takes a lot of shopping around, reading reviews, free vs paid, there's a lot of options to choose from and there's something for everyone.

For the paid vs free debate, in my experience you can expect far greater functionality from paid themes but at the same time there are lots of great free themes to choose from.

Some good premium blog themes come from the LittleThemeShop. I have previous experience using there themes and am really impressed by the quality of their themes.

This is a genuine shout out to them and not sponsored they make some great themes.

What About Plugins

WordPress offers a huge selection of great plugins that you can only dream of on Wix. The level of functionality that can be added from plugins is huge.

There are plugins for almost everything, SEO, security, performance, add-ons to themes, form builders, forum add-ons, custom galleries. The possibilities are endless.

Problems With WordPress

Like with Wix, WordPress has its drawbacks. The most striking is that it's not an all in one platform, now you might be saying that you can just use, won't that be enough, well not always, your best option is probably going to be doing it through a hosting provider.

But with that comes additional costs, these include hosting, domains, and additional add-ons that hosting providers may use. You'll often find yourself spending money for premium themes and plugins which you won't really find on Wix.

A factor not always looked at is security, as the largest platform and most of the code available WordPress it more open to vulnerabilities that something like Wix or Squarespace.

Is it Worth It?

WordPress is definitely one the best options out there. It offers more functionality than Wix or Squarespace. But at the same time it's not as beginner friendly as those sites. It's not by any means hard but there is certainly a higher learning curve than for Wix.

All in all WordPress is definitely worth it if you're wanting additional functionality and are willing to put more of an effort into making your site work.

3. Blogger

Blogger is a popular blogging site created and owned by Google.

Like Wix and WordPress, Blogger allows you to create your own blog by selecting certain templates hosting them on your own subdomain.

It's definitely not my number one choice in terms of blogging because it's aimed purely at blogging and therefore isn't as suitable for another type of website. Similarly although it has a decent number of features, when comparing to Wix or WordPress you'll be struggling to see why you should even use it.

Some Positives

There are some good reasons to use Blogger.

Blogger is an easy to use platform that's tailored directly to bloggers, making it the perfect choice if you're only looking to create a blog. You also don't have to deal with hosting since it's hosted entirely with Google.

Some Not So Great Points

Although it is a good platform if you're just getting started, if we look at other platforms then there isn't really a comparison. Choosing a solution like Wix or WordPress is going to give you infinitely more functionality than Blogger.

I've found that the social options are quite lacking compared to other platforms making it the not so great choice for marketing your blog.

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