Best Way To Find Content For Your Blog

I have created over 100 articles across multiple blogs. I speak from experience when I say that sometimes you just can't come up with ideas.

For the most part this is temporary but in reality creating ideas isn't normally that difficult.

There are dozens if not hundreds of places to find ideas. Over the years I've come up with a load of places to look for ideas which I will now share.

There are many "Secrets" to coming up with some ideas but it will take a bit of thought beforehand.

Brainstorming Ideas

For me some of my best ideas come from brainstorming a few ideas. When I'm creating these ideas what you're going to want to do is pick a rough question, like How Can I Create a Blog then ask questions relating to it, what sort of ideas would complement this.

  • What do your audience want?

  • Is this something people want or need?

  • Is it something I can write about?

  • What things are related to this topic?

So for How Can I Create a Blog, this could be How To Improve My Blogs SEO, How Can I Market My Blog. Once you build upon these ideas it's much easier to come up with even more ideas.

What you're essentially doing is expanding on the ideas you've previously come up with.

If you're really stuck for ideas, what can also work is creating a mind map.

What we will do here is write a rough topic in the centre. So for example this could be SEO, Marketing, Blogging, Travel. Pretty much anything related to your blogs niche.

What we do then is surround this with relating topics or ideas. So if we have travel in the centre of our mind map. Coming off of this could be, items to bring, where to go, hotels to stay in, what to do, how much money do I need, what I need to buy.

The key is thinking about topics or questions that are related to your niche.

Now that you have an idea about how to generate a few ideas yourself. Let's get into where else you can find ideas.

1. Reddit

Reddit is a treasure trove of new ideas. There's a subreddit for everything.

If you have a blog, chances are there's also a subreddit discussing the exact same thing.

It's on Reddit that you can look for new ideas. What people in your niche are interested in. Look for what kind of content gets most engagement within your niche. It can help to view the most popular posts by clicking the "Top" button and selecting "All Time".

2. Forums

Another really good place to go is forums, places like where people ask any question under the sun.

Like what you would do with Reddit, simply search for your topic and you'll be flooded with related groups, questions. It's a treasure trove of topics. Keep searching topics and you'll be sure to find something to write about.

Likewise it can be a great place to promote your blog if you know how.

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3. Other Blogs

If you're in the business of blogging, chances are that someone has blogged about the exact same thing and probably become extremely successful doing it.

I'm not saying you should plagiarise content. I'm not saying you should copy and paste articles or even re-write them.

What I'm saying is that most blogs have already put in the time to come up with ideas. What you can do is recognise what ideas they've come up with and create your own spin on the content.

You may have insights that they haven't come up with and chances are things have changed since they wrote their blog post.

4. YouTube Industry Videos

There are loads of places, this could involve following people in your niche. Whether they be how-to videos, news.

Find out what content people create within your niche. What do people comment on those videos, how popular are they, do people ask any questions.

5. Your Blogs Comments

This may not apply to all blogs because not all blogs have comment sections. But if your blog has comment sections you'll often find people commenting on what they like / don't like, post requests etc.

It's also a great way to interact with your community, get feedback, and get new ideas.

Of course this may not be an option for you if you have a smaller blog.

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6. Other Blogs' Comments

If you can't find any ideas from your own comment section why not try the comment section of other similar blogs.

Chances are their audience will want the same things. It can be a good way to see what questions they get and what you can do is answer those questions in your own blog.

7. Social Media Followers

Your social media followers are your audience, which means that their opinion matters. If they have a question or an idea, chances are your other followers will want to hear about it too.

Any basic marketing strategy will include some form of social media campaign, whether this is just posting your blog posts or setting up a whole advertising campaign. Making sure you interact with your community and provide content they want can really help.

8. Social Media Hashtags

Okay so you've tried looking for ideas from your followers but you're still at a loss. So what about hashtags?

Chances are by looking at hashtags on social media platforms you'll come across topics and ideas that your audience want to see.

You'll often find that your followers don't follow you and instead follow hashtags of your niche instead so these can be a good source of ideas.

9. Other Social Media Influencers

This could be looking at other influencers or people prominent in your niche. Find out what content they share with their audience, what kind of things their audience asks them. These are the people you want to write for too. So borrowing some of their ideas can be helpful.

10. Create a Survey

What better way of getting new ideas than asking your audience. Probably best not to shove surveys down people throats, you don't want to over do it.

You could be direct and ask what they want to see, or you can be creative and ask what they struggle with, what they think is lacking in your niche, what there isn't enough of. Allowing users to submit feedback.

All of this will help you generate new and interesting ideas for some blog posts.

This could be as simple as creating a post on social media asking some of your followers.

11. Your Websites' Popular Posts

Looking at what your readers find most interesting is a great way of identifying what your readers find interesting. What you can do is create new but slightly different content, or recreate them in different formats like a video.

12. Google Trends

Google Trends is a great way of figuring out what people are interested in and what's trending.

Simply head over to the Google Trends website and type in terms related to your niche. So for me I could type in "Blogging".

Then they will show you its popularity over time, where this term is popular, and any related topics that are performing well.

This lets you see what kind of things are popular in your particular niche and can give you some really good recommendations.

After you've searched up a few terms relating to your niche you should have a good idea on what the sort of things people like.

I would highly recommend coming back there regularly as peoples' interest changes over time and this gives you a really easy way to track what people want.

13. Get a Journal

You might not be able to think of ideas right now, but if you're like me you'll come up with ideas at the most surprising of times and then when it comes to writing a new post you'll completely forget what you thought of.

That's why I always keep a notebook with me just in case I get any good ideas when I'm not at my computer.

You'll probably end up thinking of loads of ideas and noting them down, so you probably won't be able to use all of them, and they probably won't all work but you only need one.

14. Content Aggregators

Content aggregators are a great source of content ideas. People put literally anything on these so it's a great way to find new and exciting ideas. Find content in your field and see what they share. From there you can pick up a few ideas as to what your competitors are doing. If you're interested in this your best bet is Flipboard. This is a pretty common content aggregator so you'll be sure to find something that interests you.

15. Magazines / News Sites

News sites are a great way to stay up to date with current events. They are also a great way to stay up to date with things in your particular niche.

They might not form the perfect source of new ideas but occasionally you'll come across something that will be perfect for your blog.

16. Competitor's email signup

This ones great because they push their best articles straight to you. See what they offer with their signup form. What sort of content do they show off. Then offer more than them.

17. Keyword Internet Search

This one's simple. Google a keyword and see what shows up. It will tell you the most popular sites related to that keyword. All you need to do is borrow some of their ideas. It will also give you an insight into any related topics. Don't be afraid to go down a few pages.

18. Amazon Book Best Sellers

It might not be your first choice for ideas but can definitely be a great source of inspiration.

If people are buying books on a topic you'll know there's interest in that topic to and is probably something to write about.

Some of these can produce some really good quality articles, or at the very least help you understand what the market wants.

19. Your Own Websites' Analytics

Chances are that if you have a blog you also collect some form of visitor analytics. User analytics can be really helpful in figuring out what people like. Not only by seeing how many clicks you get but also engagement, if you have a particular topic that has really good engagement it's something that interests your readers and you should write more about it.

20. Random Content Generators

Can really be a hit or miss. They're definitely worth a shot if you can't think of anything. Depending on the keywords you use they can give you some really good results. All you need to do is head over to one of their sites and enter keywords relating to your topic and they'll generate some ideas for you.

21. Go For a Walk

We hear about the benefits of exercise all the time but you'd never think it can help think of new ideas.

Sometimes you might be struggling for ideas, your mind is just thinking about blogging or whatever your niche is and you keep drawing a blank.

This is where going for a walk comes in. Going for a walk or any other exercise can help clear your mind, get you into a more relaxed state.

Even if you still can't think of ideas it's great for your health and will help keep your mind healthy.

22. Ask People

What better way of coming up with ideas than asking someone else what they want to see.

See what your friend thinks you should do, sometimes they'll come up with ideas you've never thought of before.

Even if they aren't able to come up with anything they can tell you what they think works and doesn't work.

23. Customer Reviews

If you have a site where customers can leave reviews then it's an easy way to get customers' opinion on some of your products. If you have something people like then you should make content about it, conversely if they don't like it then make less content about it.

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