Common Mistakes People Make When Setting Up A Blog!

You may have just started a blog and wondering what some of the common traps people fall into when you first get started.

I've certainly fallen into some of these traps before and I'm going to tell you how you can get past them.

1. Thinking you're going to be an instant success

This is definitely a trap I fell into when I first started. You start a blog write a load of posts, receiving very few viewers and just give up when you aren't achieving what you expected. I am far from the only one to have experienced this but with this mindset you will almost never succeed with blogging.

Blogging is something that takes time, you can't just give up after a month and become disheartened. This is the absolute worst thing you can do because not only do you not succeed but you set yourself up for failure.

To really succeed with blogging you need to spend months building up your community, creating meaningful content that your readers will appreciate, establishing yourself as an active blogger allows Google and other search engines to rank your content higher.

What you must know is that blogging can take years to be successful and often times people give up before they've allowed themselves to develop.

2. You can make lots of money blogging

While it is true there are blogs that make a lot of money. The reality is that most blogs fail to make a single dollar. Let alone enough money to be able to live off. It is of course possible to get to that point, it takes a lot of time and dedication to your blog and a fair deal of luck.

For the first few months you're unlikely to make even a few dollars this is because your user base is small, the number of posts is likely on the fewer side, and you haven't yet had the chance to establish yourself.

If you manage to get through your first few months and are still determined to make your blog a success then you're in a better position than most when they first get started.

The important thing is that you'll likely make very little money for the first few months to a year and you should hopefully start noticing gradual increases in readers and income.

3. If I do everything right then I will succeed

You might be thinking to yourself that if I follow this guide or if I do all the right things then you will succeed.

But unfortunately, the reality is like with most things that there's never a guarantee that you'll succeed, creating a blog might be a bit or a risk but at then end of the day there's no chance of being successful blogging if you don't take any risk at all.

There are always going to be people failing, stumbling at the last hurdle and that's just life. If there was a fool proof way that works 100% of the time we'd all be bloggers. There's always the possibility of failure and that's not your fault.

4. Only writing posts that you'll think people will like

I am definitely guilty of this, particularly when I first started. I would have a habit of writing posts that I think will get people to read and maximise income vs writing about things that I am interested in.

In the short term you might think that yeah I can make more money by writing things that'll make me money.

When the problem with doing that is you start to lose focus on why you created the blog in the first place. You start to focus only on things that make money and in the long run is counter productive and can potentially mean you start to lose interest.

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