How To Create an Online Marketing Campaign

Updated: Apr 22

Want to get into online marketing? What even is online marketing.

In online marketing we take advantage of peoples use of the internet and the vast social media empires to draw in people to your product.

Whether you're selling shoes or just starting up a blog, to truly succeed, you're going to need some form of online marketing.

The key in online marketing is finding a strategy that works for you. For some businesses it might be more appropriate to advertise on Instagram or Facebook, while for others it might be a complete waste of money. What we need to do is establish your target audience and from there build your campaign in order to maximise conversions and sales.

How Does Online Marketing Work?

With online marketing the goal is to promote your business to new audiences. Generating conversions to your site by exposing your brand to people who may be interested. It can also help get your brand out there so people who may not be interested at the moment but may be interested in the future.

We could go the simple route of buying a few ads on Facebook or Google and get the jobs done, similarly it could be a comprehensive marketing strategy. Figuring out what strategy works best is job number 1.

Types of Online Marketing

As you would expect there are many different types of marketing or indeed advertising that can be used. A good comprehensive strategy will employ multiple different types of marketing in order to drive maximum traffic.

Search Engine Optimisation

You've probably already heard of search engine optimisation or SEO for short. This works by improving your rankings on search engines which naturally drives more traffic to your site. This can make or break any online business and you should always be aiming as high as you can get.

SEO is arguably the most important aspect to any online marketing campaign. It's something every website should be aiming to achieve, sounds simple enough yet many people come to me asking for SEO tips and I constantly see people failing to drive traffic to their site and they've missed the most obvious trick. SEO.

There is so much to SEO that it would be impossible to go through everything here, but some of my tips here would be guest blogging where you write blog posts on other blogs, including links to your own content and to content outside your blog, writing eye catching headings, and having a good social media presence.

Another method of utilising search engines to your advantage would be search engine marketing which would be something like Google Search Ads.

Online Advertising

This would involve creating ads on other platforms whether that be search ads, advertising on social media platforms, "boosting posts", or direct selling of ads on other websites. This is probably what comes to mind when you think or marketing.

Email Marketing

Like SEO, email marketing can be one of the most important parts of your marketing campaign. It perhaps isn't as powerful as social media in this day and age, but still represents a significant factor in your campaign.

Email marketing allows you to draw more traffic to your site as well as give previous users a reason to come back and spend more. This could be offering exclusive deals straight to people's inbox. When done right email marketing can represent a significant amount of income.

Social Media

Similar to email marketing, social media represents another significant aspect of your marketing campaign. Particularly with younger audiences having an active social media presence can really make your brand come alive.

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