How To Create More Productive Employees

Want to get more bang for your buck with your employees. You've come to the right place find out how below.

When dealing with employees you're probably trying to get them to do as much work as they can with as little money spent as possible and yeah that makes sense from a purely numerical perspective, but it doesn't really take into account the human element in the situation.

So what can you do to improve employees' productivity?

The answer is simple. Make them happier.

Are happier employees more productive?

It may seem counter-intuitive at first but spending money on ensuring employees are happy can have measurable benefits to your company.

For some this may be obvious for others it may seem like a complete waste of money. I'm here to tell you why it isn't.

Happier employees take less time off work. This means more work done, and less money forked out on sick pay. It also has a significant benefit to employees' mental health.

Employees with a positive outlook on life and the company are more likely to stay loyal to the company, work harder towards workplace goals, and are more engaged with their work.

So how do we may employees happy?

The first and probably the best advice I can give you is to be flexible on an employees' work-life balance. This means being flexible on break time, okay don't let people do nothing all day, but some people need more time to rest than others and often more than once throughout the day. Similarly it is equally important that employees feel they can take these breaks when they need.

Second is to create an environment that encourages positive action during break times. This means creating a positive atmosphere where people can wind down and not think about work. You might need to spend a bit of money here, but it can really go a long way. For example, you could install a few TV's, perhaps a few game consoles. In some cases an employee might need a longer break than "allowed" but sometimes this is just the way it has to be.

Third is to create a positive work environment where employees feel safe, relaxed and with their own personal space. This means plenty of natural light, lots of plants, colour schemes that aren't just boring empty walls to look at.

Fourth bit of advice is to prioritise the health and wellbeing of your employees. Most workplaces couldn't turn a blinds eye towards an employees' health concerns but this is a huge mistake. If an employee needs to take a mental health day this shouldn't be a problem, if an employee has an appointment this should be prioritised (Ideally this would be sick pay but not all companies can). It's important to make sure that employees feel like work revolves around their life vs their life revolving around work.

In addition to this it's important for employees to stay healthy while working. Sitting at a desk all day is not good for your health, particularly over several decades of work. That's why as a boss you have to have some responsibility of your employees' health. This could mean standing desks, free gym memberships, or perhaps your own in house gym. Not only does exercise have an impact on your health it can have a massive impact on a workers' productivity which really pays off in the long run.

My Fifth and Final tip is to reward employees for their service. This means good pay, benefits, and bonuses. Giving employees more than the standard employee. Ensuring that employees feel valued and rewarded will work wonders on an employees productivity. It also helps ensure workers remain loyal to your company.

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