How To Generate Income on Your Website

Most of us dream of making money online, taking control of your own life, working on your own terms.

So how do you actually make money on your website.

There are many different ways for you to monetise your website. Some of which may benefit your particular content more than others.

How To Generate More Revenue

It's surprisingly easy to generate money with your website. If you're just starting out with blogging getting even your first dollar feels amazing, once you're there the only way you can go is up.

At this stage making a living from blogging might seem out of reach. Even making a few dollars might be a success for you. With my help I am going to show you how, not only how to monetise your website, but how to make it a success.

Here are some of the ways you can generate income for your site.


The most obvious choice. It's in general easy to set up and completely passive. This works by going to a company like Google AdSense who then allow you to place their ads on your site, the benefit here is they serve you the ads, you get the money. Another way this can work is having a company directly reach out to you to place ads on your website, although especially if you're a smaller site, it's definitely better to stick to AdSense.


Like advertising, you've probably already heard of affiliate links. This is where you place a product or service within your website to draw people into buying their product. It's very similar to advertising in that you link them to their website, where it differs is they give you a cut of money made instead of paying per ad seen or clicked. Depending on your website it can generate a significant part of your revenue. You can get these from anywhere, Amazon Affiliates is probably the most common, but you often see web hosting companies offering lucrative rewards for affiliates too.

Online Courses

This may or may not work depending on the type of business you run. Online courses are a great way of boosting your websites income, particularly for sites that involves teaching people. It's a great way to showcase your skills to your audience and keep a continuous stream of income coming in.

Email Marketing

While not necessarily a direct way to make money email marketing is an essential part to your website in terms of income. Whether that be driving more sales or just getting people to know your brand, email marketing is an essential tool in your arsenal.

Make Videos to Support your Content

If you have the time and resources, expanding your operation into YouTube can be a brilliant way to get your brand out there. You reach an entirely new audience by creating videos as well as blog posts. It gives you more credibility and can increase conversions for your main site. The added benefit is that these can be monetised too and potentially gain sponsors.

Sell Merch or Other Products

Selling something is one of the traditional methods of generating revenue. If you're well established or even just starting out creating a product that you can market and sell is a great way of gaining income. Of course you actually have to have the capacity to deal with incoming orders otherwise it could backfire.

Write an eBook

If you're an expert in what you're doing and if you have time creating an eBook is perfect. Using your expertise in your field or even if you have some interesting experiences you want to write about. Creating a book allows you to teach people your knowledge and get paid at the same time.

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