How To Grow an Ecommerce Store

Always dreamed of being successful? Always wanted to have your own online store? Is your store not doing as well as you think it should? If you answered yes then you've come to the right place.

Here's my top 3 tips for growing your online business.

1. Ramp up your marketing campaign

Social media is the key to any successful business. For a marketing campaign social media can make or break your business. Therefore it is essential that we create a marketing campaign that ticks as many boxes as we can.

If you don't have a social media presence, well, it's time to get one, because without one it's unlikely you'll succeed, or at the very least hamper your growth. This means creating a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Having a place where your customers can interact with your brand can only really be a good thing.

It might also be helpful to "boost" some of your posts to explore new audiences. It might not generate a massive load of sales but it brings your brand some vital exposure.

Another marketing tool that shouldn't be overlooked is emails. Having an effective email campaign can bring in some serious revenue when you start to grow you business. Offering exclusive deals, and relevant information to customers helps people stay interested in your brand as well as bringing customers back to your website.

2. Trying Online Stores like Google Shopping, Amazon or eBay

If you're in the business of selling a physical product then creating listings of your products on other more popular platforms can be the way to go. Particularly on Amazon where the volume of traffic is probably a million times higher than you're likely seeing on your site it makes perfect sense.

Storefronts like Amazon often let you use their networks in order to make your life easier, this could involve something like Fulfilled by Amazon, whereby you utilise Amazon's vast warehouse space to store inventory, potentially saving you a lot of money in storage space.

If you want to place your product on Google you'll need to set up some ads with Google.

Once your products are on other platforms it gives you the opportunity to promote your brand, gain exposure in the community, and increase revenue.

3. Try Drop shipping

Drop shipping is a method of fulfilment whereby you do not directly handle the products you sell. Meaning that you do not need expensive warehouses or dealing with deliveries and only deal with the selling. This makes it lowers the barrier to entry because you do not need to buy stock upfront.

It may not be for every business, but may be viable if you're looking to get started but do not have the capital to buy in a lot of stock.

All you need to do is create the online storefront and use some specialist drop shipping software to find and add products and that's all you need.

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